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Sly vs Arnie (Updated)

An update to an earlier post, Sly Vs Arnold: Who is king of action, this is an important month for their continued rivalry.  Although the two are friends now and not in competition per se.  The next decade will likely be their last as action stars, so their last in competition too.  Arnie fucked up with his plutocratic adventures, but now he’s back.  It’s not a good start for him, the opening weekend for The Last Stand is drawing badly.  Between 2-6 million depending on the source.  This was a crucial movie for Arnie, but not the be all and end all.  It’s not a failure just yet, still got Europe to go.  And we tend to go for these types of movies more.  But not so fast, Sly will probably hurt too.  Bullet to the Head has similar promotion (I.e. weak) and is a similar movie.  I think it may suffer even worse.  Walter_B will probably come off strongest with Die Hard 5.

But like in my comparison between the two, money doesn’t mean shit.  Personally, I think The Last Stand will be better than both Bullet and Die Hard.  It’s just that a good return for his first movie is kinda important if the studios are to give him more.  Anyway, I’m just glad we got three fucking 80s/90s actioners out in one month!  It’s like 1993 here…