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Die Hard 5 is Rated R

Walter_B is off the hook.  For now.  I still stand by my criticism, it was reasonable to assume this one was PG-13.  Bruce could have at least informed people.  Stallone did (EX 2).  Anyway, thanks to the anonymous comment updating me with the news below – Die Hard 5 (AKA A Good Day To Die Hard) is confirmed to be Rated-R.  Now this changes everything.  It’s highly likely to be a good action movie, maybe not a classic.  Probably not a good Die Hard movie.  But we’ll see.  I’ve always called the director talented but spineless.  He can stage good action – see the sequence where an F-15 is shot down in Behind Enemy Lines (2001), but only when allowed to.  He talked a big game last year about appeasing hardcore fans, I still don’t buy that.  Unless he was being a yes-man to Willis this time around.  Rumblings on IMDb suggest this might even be a ground-up Hard R, unlike the EX-2 conversion job.  We’ll see.

So… it could work!  Still looks a bit OTT.  But it now has serious potential.  One thing’s for sure, it gives the trailer a whole new lease of life.