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Putin recruits Seagal to help with National Healthy Lifestyle Programme

I am a dedicated student and follower of Master Seagal.  No action, appearance or random interview is without awe.  Indeed, so beefy are the number of Seagal adventures these days, so hefty the number of previous ones, that I often contemplate creating a Seagal blog.  Possibly called ‘Seagal Watch’.  Seagal has in the past bragged about connections with National leaders, intelligence agency’s, religious figures etc.  The one where Seagal was being shaked down at a diner (really now, where else would it be?) by his mob friends, as his CIA friends listened on in hysterics over a wire, is worthy of an entry alone.  The latest?  Vladimir Putin and Chief Seagal are homeboys.  And now, they’re going to war on fat belly’s in Russia.

Says an article in The Guardian, “Vladimir Putin teams up with Seagal to promote healthy lifestyle.  Russian President calls for Stalin-era Nationwide physical fitness classes”. Well, good idea.  About time someone told those kids to… wait… what?  Teams up with Steven Seagal?  To promote healthy lifestyle?  I’m not sure what the lesson was in bringing Steve along.  Maybe the message Putin was trying to convey was:  “See, kids…?  This is what happens when you eat nonstop”.  However, the message seemingly was not sinking in, because the brats soon became restless and just wanted a ganders at Mr. President up close.  And when they attempted some form of human wave manouvre, the Seagull’s training kicked in.  All those years in the Navy Seals paid off… the article continues: “Seagal rushed into a crowd of children trying to pose with Putin and pulled him out, as if acting as his bodyguard.”.  If you look at the picture below, Seagal is in ‘Bodyguard’ mode.  Just  look at him standing there, in the background.  Aloof.  Anonymous.  It’s almost like he’s acting out one of his infamous fantasys.  Offering his skills to the Russian leader. Some say he has been performing this role for years!

Yahoo! news also picked up on the story, or, from the looks of things, ‘mission’.  Seagal, who is actually half Irish, half Jewish, told reporters at the event that he was at the end of the day, in fact, Russian.  I can only assume that the following was a covert disinformation tactic. “Seagal later told a reporter that he was of Russian heritage and could speak the language, but when asked to share a few thoughts in Russian, he modestly replied, “Nyet.”)”  They must have been fishing for details.  Nice deflection by Chief Seagal, a skill obviously honed through years of tireless Police work.