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Raphael and The Turtles (2014)

One of the cool things about Turtles (1990) was it’s emphasis on Raphael and generally having a darker tone.  This set photo from the next movie is interesting.  The Turtles have been kidnapped by ‘The Foot’ at gunpoint.  This pre-CGI scene shows them handcuffed, but more interesting is the exclusion of Raphael.  The arm-bands show who is who, Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello.  Red is missing, which means Raphael will probably rescue the other three.  That’s a good start, since he’s the best Toitel!  Now I’m not a big fan of comic book movies, but Turtles is a big deal for 80’s/90’s kids.  So this is an exception.  Apparently it has Krang, Shredder and The Technodrome.  Somehow this is up there with The Expendables in my 1992 dream-movie list.
I still love Turtles (1990).  In that movie The Shredder wasn’t an incompetent idiot like the series, but took on all four Turtles, with Raphael and Leonardo being the only two to inflict any real damage.  More of that shit please, redeem yourself, Bay…