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Van Damme is making another American movie

Not exactly a roaring comeback, but Van Damme is shooting (right now) what looks to be his first American movie in a long, long time.  Possibly the first since 1999, if those bunker scenes in UniSol 4 were actually shot in Eastern Europe, not New Orleans.  Kung Fu Panda and The Expendables 2 were somewhat notable, but neither had him feature in an American locale in a feature movie.  Now, JCVD is finally back in front of Los Angeles camera’s for ‘Swelter’ (2014).  He’ll star alongside Lennie James (much bigger name than old JCVD these days) as a former bank robber being hunted by his former associates in a small California town.  This might even go theatrical, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a step up from the past decade of bleak/cheap shit he’s been doing.