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Update on John McTiernan: Not Good…

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For the unaware, legendary director John McTiernan started his one year jail sentence recently.  A term most rational people would consider unjust.  His crime?  Hiring a private investigator, whom it turns out himself had some shady connections, to keep an eye on elements on the production of ‘Rollberball’ (2002) whom John considered to be sabotating his movie. Said investigator was also used by other big names, such as Tom Cruise.  So it appears that Mr. McTiernan was selected to become an example, in a case of guilt by association at best, entrapment at worst.  This is a complex issue,  And have gone to town on it with a lengthy article on this scandalous mistreatment of a cultrual icon.  Beginning, firstly, with an update on his treatment;

“”The prisoners and guards had given him a new nickname: “Mac,” sometimes “Big Mac.” The Federal Bureau of Prisons assigned him number 43029-112, stitched in above the pocket of his ill-fitting tan uniform. The 62-year-old had already lost 20 pounds, getting one main serving of protein a week: a hamburger. A guard stood watch each day to ensure he ate only a single orange, as fresh fruit was in short supply.”

John warned me — he said he would look like a scarecrow in a tan uniform,” Sistrunk McTiernan told BuzzFeed in an exclusive interview, providing the first account of her husband’s imprisonment. “When I arrived at the prison, a man came in the room. I didn’t think I knew him. He was pasty and he had no life left in his eyes. I made eye contact with him to be polite… And I realized it was John…” she continued, her voice quavering. 

“I don’t know if he’s going to make it,” she said, concerned deeply for her husband’s health, safety, and security for the 11 remaining months of his sentence. His friends and colleagues — like Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ed Asner — are now trying to rally support to correct what they believe is a gross miscarriage of justice driven by vindictive prosecutors, incompetent legal advice, and dubious FBI interview methods.”

So it seems that after having his freedom taken, next to go is his health.  They can’t even afford the man proper nourishment?  A fucking disgrace.  Let’s hope his dignity holds out.  For the rest of this piece, be sure to check out’s excellent article.

In the meantime, letters can be sent to John McTiernan at:

John McTiernan, Reg No 43029-112 
Federal Prison Camp 
PO Box 700 
Yankton, SD 57078 
United States