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First Look At The New ED-209

We have an update on the RoboCop remake (2014) today.  But first, incase you missed it, check out this review ManlyMovie posted of the 2014 movie screenplay, it really is shockingly shit.  Which fits with the director describing his experience on the set as being ‘in hell’.  Anyway, onto the pictures.  Most interesting is ED-209, although it’s not really a ‘first look’ per se, it was first shown in the viral video and clearly they have modified its appearance since.  Although it still looks nowhere near as good as the original.  It’ll also almost certainly be entirely CGI, which will make it worse again.  Don’t they know by now that our eyes have adjusted to CGI and we reject it? Also included in the pictures is RoboCop’s dart-gun.  If you’ve read the screenplay review, you’ll know that RoboCop now incapacitates enemies by shooting tranquiliser darts at them.  How pathetic.  Don’t count on any of this hurting box office though, the usual ‘herd’ will pay to see it, bet on it.