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Beverly Hills Cop IV Is Back On

UPDATED (28 July):  Deadline this weekend makes a further claim that Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum will pen the script.  While that may not sound too enticing given their resume, it is a step up from the previous screenplay that had Rosewood killed in the opening act (bullshit!).  They also say that a scene stealing performance from Eddie Murphy in the canned pilot as Foley once again sealed the deal.


Ackwell is coming back?!  Get da fuck outta here!

If you’ve been following Beverly Hills Cop, you’ll know that in recent times Beverly Hills Cop 4 was canned in favour of a TV show.  That was bad news, especially since some nobody was brought in as the new ‘Foley’.  This is what ManlyMovie last updated on that:  Turns out that not only do they not want the TV show/series one, they don’t even want the pilot:  “The pilot episode for Eddie Murphy’s TV show Beverly Hills Cop has been rejected by US TV Network CBS”.  This is good news, because the worst thing that could’ve happened would’ve been that nobody/chump replacing Axel Foley.  This, hopefully, will force them to go back to the drawing board.  Hopefully a movie. 

Well it turns out that going back to the drawing board is just what has happened.  The TV shows creator, Shawn Ryran, has just revealed that it has been rejected and that another movie has been put in development:

“Sad to report that efforts to land Beverly Hills Cop pilot at another network have failed. This iteration is dead for now. Good news for fans of franchise is that the pilot tested so well, it has caused Paramount to put another #BHC movie into development.”

This is good news.  Although his wording is a bit curious, the pilot ‘tested so well’ that nobody wants to touch it with a ten foot barge pole?  Right.  Sure thing.  Anyway, with the frankenstein/abomination pilot firmly kept in Ryan’s basement, we can get down to the real business of trying to kickstart Eddie Murphy’s career.  There are several ingredients, firstly, to make this a success.  ManlyMovie demands that the movie is Rated-R and that Rosewood and Taggart return, and if possible, Ronny Cox. 

And no Brandon T. Jackson!  There’s only one Foley.