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You Always Were An Asshole, Willis…

Been a while since this blog has been updated, so here is something to comment on.  Bruce Willis, being a dick.  Promoting a shit movie no less, well, something I heavily expect to be shit.  There’s a hint there, in the term ‘promoting’.  That’s part of ‘BDub’s’ contract.  You gotta go out and sell the movie, which he actually speaks of in this interview.  That means courting media, engaging them and making them want to refer the project to the public.  Evidently, Mr. Willis thinks he’s above that.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Willis do this.  I’ve seen him do a lot of interviews and he seems to do this more with UK media.  In fact, of the four times I’ve seen him do a UK interview, all four times his behaviour ranged from prick to severe asshole.

Whatever.  I know how I would’ve handled this interview.  I would’ve let Willis have it, let him know that he’s being a fucker.  The interviewer would’ve at least equaled his organisations exposure, if not doubled it.  Could even have earned himself a name as a less than ‘run of the mill’ interview.  Could also have gotten himself fired, that’s on the other hand.

And by the way, why hasn’t Willis spoken out to defend McTiernan?  Alec Baldwin, Robert Davi and many others have.  But Willis is too busy cashing in on Die Hard 5, which he knew was going to be shit.

Kill this guy off in Expendables 3, put someone more deserving in there…