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EX3 Statham Almost Drowns

It seems that Jason Statham had a near miss during the filming of a stunt sequence in The Expendables 3.  While the translation is somewhat iffy, this Bulgarian news outlet is reporting that Statham was dragged from the water, unconscious and unresponsive.  It seems that Statham was set to shoot a sequence where he’d take a fall into water.  It was suggested that a stunt double do the job, but Statham insisted on doing it himself.  He took the jump, but didn’t emerge.  Emergency medics immediately went in to rescue him.  Says the article: “The ambulance arrived very quickly and took him to hospital”.  Looks like we dodged a bullet there!  Statham, Manly Man that he is, returned to the set to continue filming.

This of course follows a similar tragic occurance during the shooting of The Expendables 2, where stuntman Ken Liu lost his life, a controversy that followed the movie quite closely for months afterwards, with Liu’s family filing a wrongful-death lawsuit.  Anyway, this is one for the Expendables 3 special edition features for sure! Statham… “remember this shit at Christmas!

Thanks to Frenchy for the tip and translation.