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Predator 3D Gets Impressive Conversion

Predator will be released on Blu Ray the week before Christmas this year, in 3D.  Now this was initially a bit worrisome, for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it’s not a dedicated conversion like Jurassic Park (review here) or Titanic, it’s going to be an automated process.  Secondly, it’s supposedly being handled by the people who ‘converted’ i-Robot, and that was a shit conversion.  Third, Predator, in theory, should not be an easy movie to convert.  There’s a lot of shit to seperate into distinct layers in an environment like the shooting location of Predator.  It’s easy to make a large building with right angles convert and stand out, but it’s much harder to do it when there are hundreds of leaves and abstract/random vegetation all over the screen.

But it seems that somehow, Fox have pulled it out of the bag. 

ManlyMovie has a few positive reports to forward here most people seemed to have missed.  First up is a report from CraveOnline: “The 3D looked great, and the transfer itself looked superior to the standard Blu-ray editions, more clear, less grain. Granted, they were showing it on a top of the line JVC 3D TV so the conditions were optimal. In the closeup of the Predator unmasked, I’ve got to believe his little tendrils poked out of the screen a little, but maybe that’s just because I wanted them to.”  Sounds good, but even better, seems they’re going for the ‘legit’ 3D feeling of depth; “Most of the 3D scenes showing at the Predator booth followed the James Cameron “inward depth” rule rather than the sticky outty kind of 3D that I like. You can definitely see all the layers in the jungle. Highlight included the descent into the jungle, the attack on the guerilla camp and the night fight between Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Predator. The night scenes looked particularly great for being low light and converted into full depth.”

Then there’s another postive report, from GamingShogun: “As far as the actual movie in 3D goes – thankfully, it wasn’t all just hype. Predator 3D is a very good 3D flick utilizing passive 3D technology which will not affect your eyes like active shutter systems. The effect was very crisp and clean, without any noticeable darkening of the image. For watching it for only a few minutes, I know I will be picking up a copy of the movie when it gets released later this year.”  This is encouraging stuff.  The cherry on top is that the movie will supposedly at last also receive a full 2D HD remaster, supposedly to ship with the same disc/release.

Predator 3D will be released on December 16, 2013.

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