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Expendables 3: Snipes Parties With Ladies + More

  • UPDATED (2nd October):  A representative of Lionsgate has been in touch to inform us that the story concerning an attack on the cast by animals is false.  The story was a falsehood spread by one site in Bulgaria, but then wilfully adopted by the entire Bulgarian press.   We have also learned that the originator of this yarn is now facing a lawsuit.  This is good to hear, as it shows that the studio is showing Bulgarian press that they can’t get away with bogus stories just because they are in Eastern Europe, using a different language.  They are right to nip it in the bud, the next ‘story’ could’ve been, for example, a lie about the character of Mel Gibson or something else equally crucial to the PR of the movie.
    • More obscure Bulgarian news, this time factual, it seems Snipes has been enjoying the nightlife and ladies, as reported by (see picture below).  It states: “Hollywood star Wesley Snipes was the attraction in the capital chalgoteka Night Flight over the weekend. Snipes, who was in Sofia for the filming of “Expendables 3″ appeared unexpectedly and was immediately attacked by a group of girls who wanted to be photographed with him or get his autograph.” 
        • On the Sly vs Willis fallout from the summer, where Sly branded Willis greedy after demanding 1 million USD per day, Stallone has today expressed some regret: “This is just a matter of economics. Bruce has been a lifelong friend. ‘I still consider him a friend, at least on my side. This is something that came out of frustration, but it also turned out okay.”  Sly classy as ever…
        • Lastly, for now at least, check out these latest Expendables 3 pictures.  As ever, check back with ManlyMovie for regular updates.