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Mel Talks Working Out For Expendables 3

In promoting Machete 2 (2013) – see latest TV spot to the right – Mel ‘God’ Gibson has finally spoken on his workout regimen with USA Today. “I just want Sly to look good. And he’s not going to look good if he’s beating up a fat old man,” says Gibson. “I have been working really hard at it. A lot of cardio and very light weight training, nothing heavy.”  Nothing heavy?  Imagine what would happen if this beast did lift heavy.  40 inch arms, people!  Mel also (rightfully) laughed off claims of steroid use: “That’s just hard work, dude,” Gibson insists. When asked about steroids he laughs: “Have you seen the side-effects of some of that crap? Forget it, that’s too scary.”

The article also mentions Gibson’s God-like healing skills. “In their first meeting on the set, Gibson immediately noticed a chronic shoulder injury Trejo has suffered from since 1968.”He just started messing with my shoulder. And all of a sudden I had no more shoulder problems,” says Trejo.”  Trejo then goes on to sing Mel’s praises, saying he doesn’t give a damn about ‘baggage’.  It’s a good article, Mel also talks Machete 2 and movie bad guys.