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Fast And Furious 7 Begins Filming This Weekend, Extras Wanted

Filming of Fast And Furious 7 (2014) will begin this weekend (Sept. 14) in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Casting calls have been put out.  On the 14th, they are looking for ‘Stepfords Wife Types’, whatever that means.  The 16th-18th will require Hispanic males, while the call requests “hot, hip and trendy cool types” on the 18th specifically.  Interested applicants should contact [email protected].  A personal suggestion from ManlyMovie, as this writer has long been a fan of the franchise (but vocally disappointed by Lin’s later direction), if you are going to show up to try as an extra, and you happen to have an exceptional ride (take note: exceptional, not some wreck with rims), take it along with you.  These producers are known to purchase special vehicles during ‘Fast’ productions, usually at an inordinate price, then make multiple copies.  Happened before, including the last movie.

Elsewhere related to this franchise, Vin Diesel has confirmed to an eighth movie is planned that’ll also feature Kurt Russell: “Kurt Russell was the perfect person to introduce in 7 to play out the eighth storyline that everyone is going to go crazy on.”.  I don’t know about ‘crazy’, but my hopes have certainly gone up since the new director has hinted at making the series more grounded, could be legit as the guy has been working on action sequences for months already.  Diesel also confirms Jaa’s involvement, although that seems to be questionable.  
Finally, Jason Statham will reportedly leave his Bulgarian Expendables 3 shoot this weekend, or thereabout, to prepare for Fast 7 and begin shooting in the US.