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Free John McTiernan Event In US – October 17th

You haven’t forgotten about ‘Big Mac’, have you?  Still in the joint, but the good news is, over the halfway mark and with ever more growing support.  He’s also said to be working on a movie during incarceration, Warbirds, a movie about aerial firefighters who lead a ‘secret life’ during the winter.  Maybe Stallone will work with John when he gets out?  Now there’s a dream pairing!  Anyway, next month the first American held event hosted by his wife.  The Free John McTiernan movement has the details:

“Yippie Kai Yay AMERICA !! AT LAST the first american Free John McTiernan event is back on ! On October17th, a screening in 35 mm of John McTiernan’s Die Hard will be held at USC School Of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles ! Before the screening there will be a debate, featuring Gail Sistrunk McTiernan, the director’s wife, and film scholar Eric Lichntenfeld. Together, they will discuss John McTiernan’s case. Admission will be free and we’ll post the link for tickets as soon as possible. You are cordially invited to join the party, pals !”

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