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UPDATED: Schwarzenegger Zombie Movie Begins Shooting

UPDATED: Monday, first day of shooting and Arnold too is on set.  First picture above.  Arnold updated his Facebook with the following message:

“Excited to start our first day of shooting on Maggie with our great director Henry Hobson and my fantastic co-star, Abigail Breslin.”


Schwarzenegger is a busy man, coming right off shooting The Expendables 3 and promoting his Muscle & Fitness feature, his next stop will be a little bit different.  It’ll be a zombie movie, and Arnie will escort an infected/bitten girl to uh… somewhere.  I’m guessing across a zombie ravaged landscape to somewhere with an antidote.  I was wondering when this movie was about to shoot, heard ‘late summer’ at one point.  Well, now we go an answer, thanks to Arnie’s co-star Abigail Breslin (played Mel’s daughter in ;Signs’), who updated Twitter followers today with the following message: “SINCE I start filming Maggie tomorrow, my blog posts are going to be earlier at night now. :)”.  Whether or not Arnie shoots this week too is another question, but it shouldn’t be too long before he appears on set.  This should be an interesting project, because although the director is making his debut, the script did win an award, back in 2011.  It could work.  Hopefully it’ll be better than Lundgren’s recent Battle of the Damned (2013), a similar movie. 

Release date is unknown, guessing Q1 2015.

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