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More Shooting For Fury Road, Will Mel Gibson Cameo?

ManlyMovie reported earlier in the summer that a rough cut of Mad Max: Fury Road is in circulation, but that extensive post-production is due including additional shoots (not to be confused with re-shoots) that will take place later this year in Australia.  We now have a date for that, 22 November will see the start of three final weeks of shooting according to this report which says: “Casting calls have gone out for a number of roles, all believed to be non—speaking, including an Aboriginal elder, a girl, youth and husband and wife.  Talent agents have been told the producers are looking for odd, idiosyncratic faces. Given the post-Apocalyptic setting, all must have slim builds.”  There is a further mention in that article of a Mel Gibson cameo, something he appears to have lifted from a ‘fan edit’ IMDb cast list.  It’s false, Mel will not cameo in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Last week another rumor came that the movie had been delayed ’till 2015.  This very well could be the case now, as the movie has to go through not only post production but a 3D conversion, which is a long process.  One thing is for sure, Fury Road needs to hit the screens at Q1 2015 at the latest, as 2015 is jam packed with comic book garbage and other CGI big hitters.  Even though this is a George Miller movie and will likely blow all of those movies off the screen, it will struggle to battle (financially) against action-figure saturation.