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Mad Max: Fury Road – Latest Update On Troubled Movie

Another Mad Max: Fury Road update today.  At this rate, the movie may need its own section like The Expendables 3.  Anyway, despite being in development since the 1990’s (the above Interceptor was actually constructed for a 2003 shoot, with Mel Gibson) and even with the bulk of the movie shot and in the can, the movie is still a proverbial beached whale.  While by no means confirmed, the latest rumor ManlyMovie is hearing is that the shooting due in November is no mere directorial tinkering, but the finishing of a movie shut down by Warner Bros last year, who had said ‘enough’ and pulled the plug when the movie wasn’t wrapped on schedule.  This was, allegedly, in no small part down to ‘unhappy’ cast members (read: Tom Hardy) who were walking on and off set like production was a holiday resort, contributing to delayed shooting.  Take that for what it’s worth, but it’s certainly a fitting part of this jigsaw-ed mess.

The three weeks of additional shooting will begin on November 22nd in Australia, as recently reported here.  At this point, while initially denied by Warner Bros as a ‘mistake’ when contacted, the leaked 2015 release date/delay looks legitimate.  It’s nowhere to be seen on Warner Bros upcoming press campaigns for 2014.  And yet, it seems like it’s quite possible that Miller could pull something old school and kinetic out of the bag when it finally does release.  Make no mistake, Fast And Furious this ain’t, what has been shot is very much ‘hands-on’ action with good old fashioned stuntmen earning their pay.