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17 New Fast & Furious 7 (2014) Pictures

We have a ton of Fast & Furious 7 photos today.  These are behind the scenes (read: unofficial) shots courtesy of Tony Jaa’s Official Facebook page.  Jaa is likely to play a villain alongside Jason Statham. Interesting that in a few of the photos you can see John Cenatiempo who appeared in the 2nd movie in 2003 (2 Fast 2 Furious)… also as a bad guy/antagonist.  Is he in the movie?  Well, he’s not listed on the IMDb for the movie for either acting or stunt work, which he also does. Cenatiempo played the guy who lost his Camaro in a tag-race to Gibson (“100% Pure American Muscle…). so if he is in this movie, he’ll probably have some beef with Tyrese Gibson, right?

Here are the photos.  Click to enlarge.