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(VIDEO) Harrison Ford Talks Expendables 3 Role

It’s gotta be common knowledge by now, but Harrison Ford replaced Bruce Willis from The Expendables 3, after Willis demanded an inordinate $1,000,000 a day for reprising his ‘Church’ cameo.  Stallone went on to call him greedy, but later backtracked on the comments telling the hard print issue of Empire Magazine that he regretted saying it.  Thus Ford was brought in, a cut and paste job.  Pretty much Church under a different name (Max Drummer).  In the video below by MovieWeb, Ford briefly talks about his role.

I don’t however believe we’ve seen the last of the real Church.  Pure speculation on my part, but I think we could see him in either The Expendables 4 or the female Expendables movie being shot next spring (I don’t know why people keep calling it ‘The Expendabelles’, it hasn’t got a name yet), once again as Church.  I can see that movie being a tie-in with Church offering the women a shitty suicide job, it’ll need star power to compete.