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Expendables 3 Action Sequence Will Shut City Centre + Robert Davi

Got another Expendables 3 update today.  Pictured above is the Sheraton Hotel in Sofia.  This is, along with ‘Largo’ (the former Communist Party House), where the next action sequence will take place.  An action sequence will be filmed that will shut down the city centre of Sofia.  Supposedly the sequence will call for ‘many bodies and explosions’.  The scene will supposedly be filmed next week and be set in Bucharest.  That’s odd, why the ‘movie location’ wasn’t somewhere like Paris (for example as seen in ‘Taken’) or Berlin is beyond me.  It would’ve added a budgetary placebo effect. also says that Mel Gibson has been filming a lot, shooting ‘important action scenes’ all day, from ‘morning to evening’.  Sounds good, hope the crew can keep up with the beast.  Also at the end of next week, the cast, including Stallone, will be granted time to shoot at the Lozenets Government Residence, including the Central Military Club.  For reference, some pictures of these locations have been added below.  They look good, luxurious.

Finally, Robert Davi Tweeted that he has arrived in Bulgaria to shoot Expendables 3, see below.  Also be sure to check out our Expendables 3 Section for all things EX3. 

‘just got to Bulgaria – start shooting tomorrow — EXPENDABLES 3
— Robert Davi (@RobertJohnDavi) October 15, 2013