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(VIDEO) Diesel On Fast 7 Set

Vin Diesel is 5’10, at most.  The Rock is 6’3.  Yet in Fast Five and Fast 6, Diesel mysteriously grew four inches in scenes where he and The Rock appeared together.  How did he do it, watch the video below to find out!  Joking aside, Diesel knows how to work his social presence on the internet.  That works well for publicity.  Stallone and Schwarzenegger might want to take tips.  Diesel’s Facebook – almost 50 million.  Arnold’s – less than five million.  Bullet to the Head and The Last Stand, would they have performed better otherwise?  I guess Sly and Arnie could be forgiven, they’re passed retirement age after all.  Check out Diesel’s video below, while I’m not his biggest fan, at least the guy seems to have time for fans in the parking lot.  No $845 autographs…(rant incoming on certain action star, stay tuned).