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Expendables 3: Ford, Gibson & Small Delay?

Many have been wondering what’s up with The Expendables 3 this week and when we might see Mel on set.  Last we heard, he was due to film his first scenes on Wednesday.  Obviously nothing much by way of news since then.  Today though, we cautiously take a look at a Bulgarian report suggesting a small delay. reports that The Expendables 3 was due to shoot this week inside the Louvre Museum, in Sofia.  The site suggests that this was delayed, which has frustrated producers, although it didn’t specify why.  I did some digging and it seems that the building is still under construction, where undelivered parts have left certain parts of it without electricity.  

Their report by the way, also claims that Mel’s character (Conrad Stonebanks) will be a patron of the fine arts, suggesting he’s probably going to be a more sophisticated villain.  On the one hand, it adds up and is a possible explanation as to the lull in information.  If it is, I wouldn’t expect it to interfere too much.  On the other hand, Bulgarian media is highly unreliable.  For example, they’ve been reporting all week that Stallone has this week bought a $1 million property in Bulgaria – not true, as far as I’m told.  I mean, why make that up?  So, although this report is logical, possibly not entirely accurate.

Elsewhere, got a tip tonight about Harrison Ford doing some mini promotion for Expendables 3.  In the UK, he appeared on the Graham Norton show, to promote his latest movie.  One of his fellow guests, a comedian, was very vocal about being an Expendables fanboy and pressed Ford for some information on Expendables 3.  Ford said that he was an Expendables fanboy too, only to add a punchline of having never seen an Expendables movie.  Basically, he would only confirm that he’d just finished shooting. Thanks to ‘Keith’.

Lastly… I know a lot of people have been asking who the blonde is who keeps appearing in Expendables 3 candid photos, she is Angie Kassabie.  In Bulgaria she is what is probably best described as a ‘celebrity cook’ and is styling herself as the ‘cast nutritionist’, a role she is carrying over from the second movie.