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Mad Max: Fury Road Gets Composer, 27 Kids Added To Cast

Expect more Mad Max: Fury Road updates towards the end of the year.  The movie is being ‘finished’ (more on that below) in Australia.  The latest is that the movie has found a musical composer, ‘JunkieXL’, (right… I know).  Shorten his name to an acronym and you get ‘JXL’ and it might ring a bell (Elvis Vs JXL: A Little Less Conversation).  The musician has confirmed it via Twitter.  This is an odd choice by Miller because this guy specializes in synthetic beats and has only recently cut his teeth in theatrical film scoring.  I would’ve thought Miller had something more epic in mind and might have hired someone with a bit more pedigree. For anyone interested, his most recent work has been on 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) and Paranoia (2013). Here’s a sample from Paranoia;

But back to Fury Road… As reported by this site a while back, the movie was not finished on schedule.  There are some rumblings about why, aside from freak weather conditions causing delays.  But when they went over schedule in Africa, the movie was suspended by Warner Brothers and production shut down.  Miller assembled a rough cut of the movie, which was reportedly good enough to convince Warner Brothers to grant him additional shooting time to finish the movie.  Kinda like how McTiernan showed Fox a rough cut of the original Predator suit to scare them into rethinking things.  Anyway, this additional shooting will commence during the last week of November.  Some sites are reporting this as ‘reshooting’, which is technically incorrect.  Reshooting suggests that something was too poor to make the cut, additional shooting is a different scenario. Miller is just finishing the movie.

Finally, in what could be considered by some as yet more negative news for Fury Road, the Bettina casting agency in Sydney is in the process of recruiting 27 children for Fury Road’s additional shoot.  They specialize in child casting, or child modelling, and are selecting their children right now.  This gives me nasty flashbacks to that exceptionally shitty mid-section of Thunderdome, with all those annoying brats in facepaint.  I don’t know why Miller would need a school bus full of kids.  I’m refraining myself here from speculating a PG-13 deal in return for additional shooting…. nah…

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