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Extras Wanted For Expendables 3

This would be classed as a ‘long-shot’ for most, but if by some chance you’re in Sofia, Bulgaria this week, you’ll have a chance to appear in The Expendables 3 as an extra.  Production is looking for men and women on friday.  Age bracket is lenient, generally they are seeking people aged between 18-65.  The casting call suggests that people dress ‘formally’ (suits, dresses etc). According to, applicants must report to Zaimov Park, Sofia, at 17:00 and bring their own pens.  Registration is free.  And by the way, yes, new pic above, Sly in John Spartan mode.

So there you go, probably out of reach for most of us, but the request of ‘formal’ decorum is interesting. Wonder what they got planned.  Stay tuned.

Thanks to ‘Frenchy’ for the tip.