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RIP Tom Clancy

May author Tom Clancy, who has died, rest in peace.  Multiple mainstream sources have confirmed the news and it is indeed a sad day for Manly Movies.  Primarily an author, Clancy’s books were adapted into excellent movies, mostly due to being excellent concepts from Clancy himself.  The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear And Present Danger?  Great movies.  My favourite Clancy novel, though, would have to be Red Storm Rising, which sadly never received a movie adaption.  That one was the fictional story of the Cold War turning hot, into all out WW3 in the 1980’s.  What a movie that would have made!  Due to the sheer scope and possibly also because of the actual end of the Cold War, it was probably never made due to being too expensive.  Anyone who has read it will know why, it would’ve been a massive undertaking – WW3 in Europe and at sea.

Later this year, a new Jack Ryan movie will hit theatres.  It uses the Clancy rights of Jack Ryan, but not one of his stories, a new and original concept.  I’m unconvinced at best, but maybe it will be a nice tribute picture?  Check out behind the scenes below.

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