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Stallone Talks Statham’s Near Fatal Stunt

As reported by during the summer, Jason Statham almost drowned during the filming of an action sequence for The Expendables 3.  Now Stallone has spoken about the incident with  “We had a scene where a truck went out of control and Jason Statham went to the bottom of the river.  If all the Expendables had been on that – we were supposed to be on it a minute later – it could have been fatal”.  What possibly could have saved Statham’s life is his former career as an Olympic swimmer/diver, as Stallone continues: “We lost a million dollars of equipment in a moment and Jason was unbelievable because he’s in heavy boots and swam to the top.”  

Still, Statham was rushed to hospital – possibly procedure, although we know how the Bulgarians embellish things – but returned shortly after to resume filming, as if nothing had happened.  This is Chev Chelios we’re talking about people, a true Manly Man.  Stallone added: “He was cool. He cleaned off. A lot of people would have said, “I’m done”. I’m just telling you how dangerous this is. This isn’t a little going into a pond. This was off a 12 foot pier, five foot to the bottom.”. 

Speaking of The Expendables 3, having looked at the script recently it occurred to me what Stallone meant by an early Expendables 3 Tweet, where he declared his intention to ‘Out-raid the Raid’.  More on that this weekend.