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Escape Plan Goes DTV In Australia

Despite raking in (by this point) close to $85,000,000 in takings internationally, before it has even been released in all areas, it seems that Escape Plan (2013) is going DTV in Australia.  While not a huge market, it’s hardly insignificant.  Hopscotch entertainment, who will distribute, were originally supposed to release the movie theatrically on the 28th of November.  They’ve since pulled it though, citing poor box office returns elsewhere. “It’s a prudent decision to go straight to home entertainment,” says Hopscotch Entertainment MD Jude Troy, who claims to be ‘heartened’ by the growth of Video-on-Demand and electronic sell through revenues.

I’m think there could be something else at play here, but I’m not sure what.  Why postpone the movie untill the 28th?  Is that a deliberate decision to monitor its performance elsewhere – or find an excuse to remove its release?  Either way, with other (non-English speaking) countries still waiting to release, I expect this one to break $100,000,000 internationally.

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