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(VIDEO) Tony Jaa Training For Fast 7 + Expendables 3 Pics

Another set of Fast & Furious 7 (2014) and The Expendables 3 (2014) updates today.  First a video of Tony Jaa training for Fast 7 and pulling some Michael Jackson moves. Then some pics of The Expendables 3 including Stallone and Banderas with director Patrick Hughes (big guy huh?!).  Over the next two full years we’re going to have a ton of Expendables news, by the way.  In the spring, the Expendabelles will shoot in Bulgaria, we’ll cover that regardless of whether it’s good or not.  Then next summer the promotion and release of The Expendables 3 begins in earnest, the studio has promised some exclusive material for ManlyMovie during that time frame.  Then one year from now, we expect The Expendables 4 to begin shooting.  Then in 2015 both EX4 and Expendabelles will release.

Always check out our Expendables Section for updates.  Of course we’re going to cover Fast 7 along the way.  Check out today’s updates below.