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Fast Five Helmer In talks To Direct Bourne Legacy 2

The man who helped propel the Fast & Furious series into the financial stratosphere is in talks to direct The Bourne Legacy 2/Bourne 5, according to  For what it’s worth, I think the last Bourne movie was pretty solid, better than any Bond movie over the past 15 years.  The camera stayed still and the story was fine.  Supposedly, Renner is also set to return.  Another thing I don’t mind.  Last we heard, ‘Invictus’ writer Anthony Peckham has written the screenplay.  Although I can’t personally comment on the skills of that man.

The real question is what will Lin do with the franchise – if he agrees to take the job.  I liked Tokyo Drift and somewhat liked the fourth, but from there on out to me the guy directed like a 14 year old.  Flying cars, flying Torettos, sharking jumping galore.  While most people gushed over Fast 6, for ManlyMovie it was one flying tank too much (review 6/10).  I’d like to see the next Bourne movie take place within the present universe, i.e. where the laws of physics and gravity still exist.

In fact, I hope Lin turns it down…

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