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Swelter (2014) Director Talks Van Damme

Some new stills along with a director’s interview for Jean Claude Van Damme’s 2014 movie ‘Swelter’.  For once, along with Enemies Closer, a Van Damme movie to look forward to.  It was shot on location in Los Angeles, the first time Van Damme has shot a movie in California since the 1990’s.  Well, when we say ‘Van Damme Movie’, that’s not really what it is.  You can read the full interview with Keith Palmer here and check out the stills below.  And the good news is, it’s not one of these two-bit cameo’s…

It’s not a cameo and I wouldn’t have done that. He’s an intrical part of this story. The reason why ‘Stillman’ is such an important character in the story and why finding the right actor to play it was crucial is because he is actually the heart and soul of what’s going on. I’m a great fan of supporting characters and I’m not overstating the importance of ‘Stillman’, when you see the movie you understand. Through his character you see the development of the story. He has this very important speech in front of ‘Cole’, our main bad guy, and it was beautifully delivered.