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Filming Underway For Sniper 5 (2014)

This one comes somewhat out of the blue.  I’m told that Tom Berenger has just filmed Sniper 5 in Bulgaria.  The movie is listed practically nowhere on the internet.  I have no idea who is producing or distributing it, although I can reasonably say it’ll be DTV.  The movie was shot there entirely.  These movies are usually well done for DTV’s, especially the first, which wasn’t DTV.  I think Berenger might have some influence on that.  We’ll see.

UPDATED: Seems accurate, found a confirmation from Standart:

Hollywood action hero Tom Berenger will “blew up” Sozopol island of St. Kirik and Julita on Friday. He arrived for the filming of Sniper 5, directed by Don Michael Paul.  Berenger will take the role of an action hero.  The script of the movie is kept in secret, journalistic cameras are strictly forbidden from the set.

Given that there are ongoing archeological excavations on the tiny island, the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture issued a special permit for the movie makers.  On Sunday, th eBlack Sea town Sozopol will hold a casting for extras for the mass scenes. They will be shot in two days on November 22 and 23.

Well… it seems they’re still shooting it.  Secret script, secret filming, not listed anywhere… very odd for such a small project, which it almost certainly is.  We’ll keep you updated…