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Interesting Addition To Mad Max: Fury Road Cast

Mad Max: Fury Road will resume shooting next Friday.  Casting is still ongoing, including the worrying recent addition of 27 children.  While that could mean nothing, with rumors of PG-13, it does bring back painful ‘Thunderdome’ memories (lost children).  Now, another interesting addition has been cast in the form of Australian celebrity Quentin Kenihan (pictured).  His IMDb profile says: “Quentin Kenihan is Australia’s most unique celebrity. For many years he featured on national current affairs programs as he struggled to overcome his disability.  Quentin has captured the nation’s heart with his wit, humour and never-say-die attitude. Now as an adult he is best known for his hit TV series Quentin Crashes.”

Although I still have serious doubts about this movie, especially if it’s a reboot (we still don’t know), I like this one.  It certainly keeps in ‘unique’ tune with the likes of Humungus and Master from Thunderdome.  Kenihan himself was first to confirm…

BREAKING NEWS: I’m finally able to tell you all that I have been cast in Mad Max: Fury Road and will be shooting at Fox Studios Sydney.
— Quentin (@qkenihan) November 11, 2013