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Is Stallone Done With Action?

At age 67 you gotta wonder how much longer Sylvester Stallone will slug it out in action movies.  Will he finish up on the genre anytime soon?  The answer seems to be… mostly.  Stallone has given an interview with in which he hints that he’ll be winding things down: “I believe that the last film I did, “Expendables III” we took it to the max and I thought, there isn’t much further I can go with this. So I started to speak to the powers that be. I want to go back and do films like “Cop Land” and the early “Rocky”’s”.  

Thoughtswell firstly, The Expendables.  I’d thought The Expendables 3 might be Stallone’s final Expendables movie, the above pretty much confirms it.  We know that The Expendables 4 is coming and that it’ll likely shoot next year in Bulgaria.  Stallone is probably not going to be in it.  I have a feeling that Lutz, Rousey and Co. will feature in that movie.  But while Stallone has promised The Expendables 3 to rival The Raid, and the finale is certainly scripted to take a serious shot at it, I don’t think it’ll be Stallone’s last action movie.  Avi Lerner has said Rambo V is being negotiated.  Remember, Stallone’s action career started out with First Blood.  Will Rambo V be his swansong?

It could also be that the ‘Rambo negotiations’ are not for a movie, but actually for a TV show, and that this was lost in communication.  This is my current surmise, that there’ll be no Rambo V but, in fact, that the August talk of a TV show is what the real deal will be about.  In Creed (mentioned in the above interview), Stallone will take on the role of mentor.  This could possibly be the role he’ll play in a supposed Rambo TV series, a bit like Eddie Murphy’s role as mentor in the Beverly Hills Cop TV series.  But keep in mind, that TV series was shitcanned and the pilot didn’t even get airtime.  Personally though, I think Rambo deserves better than both TV and Nu Boyana…