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Rumor Killer: No Mel Cameo In Mad Max: Fury Road

A persistent rumor keeps floating around that Mel Gibson will appear in Mad Max: Fury Road as ‘Drifter’ in a short cameo.  As this site reported in the summer, it’s false: “There was a rumor floating around in that Mel Gibson had shot a cameo as an aging drifter.  Mel has shot that rumor down as false:  “Nope.  I’ve got nothing to do with it”, he said in 2012.  Mel has spoken more on it since (see below).”  The rumor originated on the IMDb where Mel was added to the cast and FAQ section as a man called ‘Drifter’.  Well, the IMDb is like Wikipedia, you can simply update the cast and FAQ section yourself, as long as you have an IMDbPro account.

Today, there’s another confirmation that Mel isn’t in this movie in any capacity, via IndieWire:
“Meanwhile, reports have been surfacing of late — in Australian trade Inside Film and today’s THR AFM Daily — that original Max, Mel Gibson, would be making a cameo or have a role as a character known simply as Drifter. However, we reached out to reps for the actor who have denied his involvement in the film.”

Mel basically confirms it himself, again, in this video: