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Expendables 4 Shoots Next Year, Set In Cuba + Stallone In Talks For Rambo V

Four bits of news here on The Expendables 3, Expendables 4, Expendabelles and Rambo V, courtesy of an Avi Lerner interview with  Thanks to Frenchie for the tip! Lets get down to it…

  • The Expendables 3

Lerner claims that The Expendables 3 will have a $100 million budget:  “We hired more than 1,200 people in the last few months of production.  The Budget of The Expendables 3 is around $100 million, of which around $35 million has been spent in Bulgaria.”.  This is around the same as the last two movies, which is to say, around $60-70 million (producers always exaggerate their budgets).  Not too surprising.  Lerner also joked of a bodycount rivalling both World Wars…

  • The Expendabelles

Lerner then confirms that The Expendabelles will shoot after ‘Survivor’, which shoots in February.  As we last reported, this movie will likely shoot in April next year.  Lerner says he hopes women will bring their boyfriends to see that movie.  I gotta commend Lerner on one thing – he hasn’t tried anything like that with the main franchise in reverse, as in trying to pull in a female audience and watering it down.

  • The Expendables 4

Here’s the interesting part.  Lerner says that The Expendables 4 will begin shooting next year, or at least ‘maybe’.  “Next year we’re maybe filming The Expendables 4.  “The action will be set in Cuba, but only if Fidel Castro is still alive, otherwise the story will change.”  So it looks like The Expendables, or at least somebody, are going after Castro.  Now that’s old school.  Incidentally, today The Expendables 4 first appeared on the IMDb, the first person on the cast list (rumored) is Randy Couture.

  • Rambo V

Also in the interview, Lerner gives a brief reference to Rambo V.  He says that Stallone is ‘negotiating a new Rambo’.  Interesting.  We know a new Rambo game is one the way next year, with rumours of a Rambo TV series too.  Is Stallone done with The Expendables after part 3?  Or is he doing both?  Lets hope it’s the latter!