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Mad Max: The Video Game Release Date Revealed

While Mad Max: Fury Road has been moved back, it looks like the Mad Max video game has been moved forward.  The leaked screen shot below lists the game as arriving on May 31st, 2014.  Earlier than expected.  I’d be a bit suspicious of that though since the 31st is a Saturday and games are not released on Saturdays.  It’s probably in the right ballpark though, we’ll definitely see this in the summer.  Avalanche Studios probably won’t want to release it in the fall, the most competitive time of the year for gaming.  The game is not affiliated with official canon (read: Mad Max: Fury Road included) and is basically a side story.

At one point, Mel’s brother Donal was rumored to play Max in the video game, but the studio shot that one down citing their desire to take a ‘different route’.  The game should be better than the utterly shit looking Rambo: The Video Game, Avalanche Studios have better development pedigree.  Actually, anyone is probably better than Reef Entertainment.