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(VIDEO) Eddie Murphy Confirms Beverly Hills Cop IV Is Going Ahead

Eddie Murphy appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show this Christmas.  DeGeneres asked Eddie about the recently rumored  Beverly Hills Cop IV, which supposedly shoots as early as July.  He confirmed that it is indeed happening and that Bruckheimer is aboard, but didn’t say much else other than he’s determined that it doesn’t suck.  He’s probably genuine about that since he often shits on Beverly Hills Cop III.  It’ll probably be Rated-R, since Bruckheimer says his reasoning for heading to Paramount was the promise of not being forced to do more PG-13 movies.

The only possible negative is Brett Ratner.  But I am still hopeful.  More good news not mentioned recently, a script that had Rosewood get killed in the opening act has been shitcanned, so that won’t be the story behind BHCIV.  We have covered this movie quite a bit on ManlyMovie, including the failed TV series that every channel in existence has rejected, if you search the site.  But the updates are coming so frequently now that I’d wager the July start might actually happen, finally.  Anyway, now all we need is John Ashton, Judge Reinhold and maybe even Ronny Cox. P.S… I always thought Eddie Murphy would be a good candidate for an Expendables role.  His resume isn’t lacking – 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills Cop II, Another 48 Hrs, Metro… Expendables 4?

Check out the video below.