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Help Us Find The Manliest Movie Of All Time: Westerns

This site is less than a year old but something we should’ve done by now was find out just what people think is the Manliest Movie of all time.  How we’re going to do it is ask you to vote on which movie it’s eventually going to be.  As outlined in the table below, we’re going to find out the best from each genre below.

Then, in the quarter finals, genres will clash until we reach a final, later in the year.

The hardest part of this was deciding upon the entrants and even the genres themselves.  We debated at the forum for a short while on just what deserved to be a contender.  Some of these will be disputed and at some point a decision had to be made on just what to enter.  We wanted no face-off to have an obvious winner, so quite a few didn’t make the cut.  So right from the off decisions should be close and tough, such as the best Manliest Sci-Fi… is that RoboCop or Predator?  Emphasis on Manliest in this tournament too…

The final breakdown is shown in the table below.

To kick this thing off, our first poll is the battle of the western.  The Good The Bad & The Ugly vs. Unforgiven.  Which is the Manlier western?  So get voting and sound off… out of that list, call it and tell us which movie you think going to be the overall winner.