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Beverly Hills Cop IV Release Date Revealed…

With Beverly Hills Cop IV possibly shooting this summer, it should be no surprise that we now have a release date.  March 25th 2016.

Brett Ratner will direct the film from a script by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec.  Jerry Bruckheimer will return as producer and obviously, Eddie Murphy will return as Axel Foley.  Plans for this movie are old, it almost happened a few times in the ’00s.  Hopes were dashed multiple times when firstly a hideous story emerged that the story would have Roseweed (sorry) killed in the opening act.

They ditched that, only to come at us with a shitty premise for a TV show where Brandon T. Jackson would star as Foley’s son, with Murphy cameo’ing now and then as Foley himself.  That was canned, too.  A pilot was shot but hasn’t seen the light of day.  Whether it’s because it was absolute shit or for some other reason, such as Jackson’s insistence that it was too violent and edgy, we may never know.

Anyway, last year Jerry Bruckheimer gave the finger to Disney and headed back to Paramount.  His reasoning was that he was sick of the PG shit they were forcing upon him and that Paramount gave him better room for movement.  He also said that Beverly Hills Cop IV would be one of his first movies with Paramount.

The movie will go up against GeoStorm, a sci-fi adventure starring Gerard Butler.  Honestly, I see no problem for COP IV.  It’ll perform, especially in March.  Once a trailer hits with *that* theme, it’s a done deal.  But they also need to get Judge Reinhold and John Ashton back.  Not outside the bounds of reality, Ashton is younger than Stallone.  Let’s hope Ronny Cox might even make it!

Here’s one for old times sake – no, not the Axel F. theme, but still one of the most iconic ’80s themes ever…

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