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New Photos From David Ayer’s “Fury”

The director and writer of Sabotage (2014) has a WW2 movie coming out this winter.  “Fury” was also written by David Ayer and directed by the same.  The movie sees Brad Pitt as a tank commander lead his men into enemy territory in Germany in the last days of WW2.

Below are two new pics from the movie.

We put up a screenplay review a while back for this movie.  Unlike Sabotage I thought Fury was better writing from Ayer.  It could be very good, if Pitt isn’t an annoying prick (it’s Brad Pitt) and Ayer adds more vulnerability within the tank. 

Most interesting about this movie, above all else, is that it’ll feature the debut of a real Tiger tank, the first time ever.  The rest have always been replicas in movies.  Check out the new pics.