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Confirmed: Mel Gibson Is Not In Dragon Blade (2015)

We can pretty much confirm now what was practically already known – no Mel Gibson in Jackie Chan’s historical epic Dragon Blade.  That was the original rumor, it sounded too good to be true and it was.  Didn’t stop Chan hyping a secretive western A-lister though, secrets are always good for promotion.

Turns out the A-lister is Adrien Brody and/or John Cusack.  Here’s an exerpt from StudyinChina:

“I just got back from one of the best (and most grueling) experiences in China. Jackie Chan is filming his new blockbuster Dragon Blade in Hengdian (the Hollywood of China) alongside other huge names in the movie industry such as John Cusack, Adrian Brody, and (rumored) Mel Gibson. I was lucky enough to be in this movie.On May 28th in the mid-afternoon I got a message from my friend saying he knew someone in touch with a talent agent who was looking for 20 tall Caucasian males to be in a Jackie Chan movie. Needless to say I instinctively said yes.”

Mel is of course now involved in the production of Blood Father, which basically rules out commitment to this project.

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