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Drag Race Axed From Fast 7

It seems a scene originally planned to go down before the end credits to Fast & Furious 7 (2015) has been axed at the last minute by Universal.  The scene was all set to shoot before Universal executives showed up to pull the plug.  It isn’t clear why exactly, but word is that they got nervous about another injury or death.  There are also suggestions that they could not get insurance  to film the scene.

Added to the troubles is that it was due to be filmed 45 minutes from the scene of Paul Walker’s death.

The scene mind you, was not a street race but at a professional drag strip.  This happened right at the end of the shoot, so I am sure many bigwigs just wanted the project in the can.  Guessing it was supposed to be Walker and Diesel racing “one more time” or something to that effect.

Source: [TMZ]

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