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Kurt Russell: ‘Hateful Eight’ Shooting Early 2015

Quentin Tarantino’s western “The Hateful Eight” is back on… not that anybody doubted it after Tarantino’s tantrum.  In the movie, men are forced to take refuge in a small town due to the harshness of a blizzard, only to run into trouble.

Kurt Russell has been attached to this movie and has said that the movie could shoot early 2015.  “There’s a Tarantino project called ‘The Hateful Eight’ that looks like it may go somewhere around the beginning of the year.”  Other names attached and/or rumoured have been Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Amber Tamblyn, Walton Goggins, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, James Parks, Denis Menochet, Dana Gourrier, Zoe Bell and James Remar.

Good news for the western then as we discussed recently, could be having a rennaisance.

Source: [CinemeBlend]