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Matt Smith Talks Terminator (2015)


Some of the first talk of Terminator (2015), also known as Terminator: Genesis and Terminator 5, has surfaced at Comic-Con, which is ongoing now.  Matt Smith, better known as Doctor Who, talked excitedly to fans at a panel, especially about being able to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The video can be watched by clicking here (embedding removed for some reason).  Smith’s role is unspecified, but looking at the man I think he could fill in as a T-1000.  See The Night Rider’s article: Best men to play a T-1000.  In general it’s hard to get information about this movie, they’re running a tight ship on that set and shooting cease and desist letters left and right (we got one).  So on top of that, we’re trying to be careful.  But apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger has finished or is very close to finishing his scenes.

More soon…