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News On Michael Mann Hacker Movie


Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth showed up at Comic Con to promote their upcoming thriller Blackhat, which was previously known as Cyber.  In the movie, American and Chinese military forces work together to stop a case of ‘high level computer hacking’.

Mann says that the Stuxnet virus heightened his interest in doing a movie like this and, for preparation, he hung out with real underworld hackers.  The movie is set over four countries with Chris Hemsworth’s character (Hathaway) playing an extraordinarily talented hacker, despite coming from a working class background.

Footage was shown.  Of which Collider says the following:

“It opens with reminding us how much technology rules our lives and it can be turned against us at any time.  We then get a brief plot setup of how a cyber-terrorist threat must be combated by recruiting a black hat hacker Nick Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth) who’s in prison.  He makes a deal to be released in exchange for hunting down the cyber terrorist.  What’s surprising about this trailer is that even though it’s dealing with present-day issues, but has a very 90s feel.  There’s something charming low-key about it, and even though it’s about a hacker, Hathaway does quite a bit of fighting.  There’s remarkably little hacking, and I’ll be curious to see if it’s something that could be reasonably accurate or if it’s “movie hacking” which has pretty much no basis in reality beyond using a computer.”

Especially liking the ’90s vibe they’re describing.  I just hope Mann does not use that horrible digital camera used in Public Enemies…