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Tarantino: Hateful Eight Is Going Ahead


After the script leak of the Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino, the director threw a hissy fit and declared that he was no longer making the project.  I’m not sure what his thinking was on that one, did Tarantino think that the world would bend over in dispair and attack the leakers, because we were denied another movie from him?

Anyway, ego aside, and the fact that the man hasn’t made a good movie in… a while, Tarantino has confirmed at Comic-Con what Kurt Russell already did, that he is going to direct Hateful Eight.  Russell by the way suggested it was going to film early 2015.  “Yeah – We’re going to be doing The Hateful Eight”, said Tarantino to some nerdlingers in the crowd.

The rumored cast is Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell, Amber Tamblyn, Michael Madsen, James Remar, Walton Goggins, Zoe Bell, and Samuel L. Jackson.  The movie sees a group of misfits cast together as a blizzard directs them to take shelter, to racheting tension.

I only hope that this is not another pastiche joke from Tarantino.  That gimmick is old.