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Brosnan Talks GoldenEye N-64


As mentioned recently, GoldenEye was not only one of the best James Bond movies, it also received a legendary video game adaptation, GoldenEye N64.  Everyone knows that that game helped revolutionize the first person shooter genre and behemoths likes Call Of Duty owe a lot to it.  Pierce Brosnan has since spoken with Collider on the game itself:

I remember when it came out.  I think I did the GoldenEye in 94, 95.  My sons got it, I played it.  I remember sitting in the garage playing it with them.  I think I shot myself in the foot many times.  And I just said, “Fuck it.  I don’t want to do this.”  

I lost track of it thereafter.  I wish I had a piece of it.  That would have been very, very nice.  It was one of those little things they get you on the Bond and then suddenly your face is every which way.  My 13-year-old, he plays fierce games.  He’s not playing Daniel’s games, but whatever Combat something or other.  When we go out to Hawaii, he has one there and he digs it out when his mother’s not looking.  I go in there and he’s like [makes shooting noise].  It’s brutal.

In case you missed it, Brosnan also recently took a shot at playing the game on Jimmy Fallon.  That’s actually a well preserved copy of the game that Fallon has, damn you Fallon again!

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