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Ridley Shooting Blade Runner 2 After The Martian


After Ridley Scott films his next movie in Budapest, The Martian, he says that the next thing on his agenda will be a sequel to Blade Runner.  And that it’ll feature Harrison Ford.

“[Blade Runner 2] is written and it’s damn good.  Of course it involves Harrison, who is a survivor after all these years—despite the accident.  So yes, that will happen.”

Now since The Martian begins filming in November, I think it is reasonable to assume that Blade Runner 2 will film sometime in the first half of 2015 and probably release in 2016?  The original is a classic, of which there is no doubt.  And it looks like it’ll help other classics from the ’80s such as Conan 3 and Beverly Hills Cop IV fill out a nice retro slate for 2016.

Source: [Collider]

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