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LionsGate Pulls Maggie From Festivals


LionsGate have recently purchased the rights to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming zombie drama Maggie, and their first action was to pull it from the Toronto Film Festival where it was set to make its debut.

Instead the film will make its debut in early 2015 in theatres and VOD.

You’d have to wonder why they pulled it from the TIFF (and, supposedly, other festivals too according to AICN).  That they’re purchasing the movie seems to suggest some degree of confidence.  After all the idea is to profit from what you purchase.  The flipside of the coin is that pulling screenings is like pulling free promotion.  Unless the movie is shit, that is.  Random thought there… I remember when Paul W.S. Anderson did something similar ten years ago for Alien Vs. Predator.

AintItCool say that either way it’s ‘hard to complain’ if we see ‘Arnold vs. zombies’.  The thing is, there is no Arnold vs. zombies in this movie.  We reviewed the screenplay last year and found it to be dull and boring, with little happening even for a drama.  So the news that it has been pulled from film festivals isn’t too inspiring…